40p cupboard staple prevents blood from setting on laundry in just 30 minutes

Lynsey Crombie shows how to remove stains using household items

Blood stains are common on garments, bed sheets and other laundry items.

Whether it’s a paper cut, a rogue nosebleed or scraping a knee, blood stains can quickly appear and spread in the most awkward places.

Unlike other stains, blood stains need to be treated and cleaned carefully to avoid them setting.

With this in mind, Shadmaan Kader an expert at Pound a metre, has their top tips for removing blood stains from clothes and laundry.

The fabric expert suggested using cold water and salt to banish blood stains from laundry.

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He exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Rinse the stained area with cold water to prevent the blood from setting.

“Create a solution by mixing two tablespoons of salt with four cups of cold water.

“Soak the stained garment in this solution for 30 minutes, then rinse and wash as usual.”

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Most households own table salt either in the back of the cupboard or on their dining room tables. However, those who don’t have any can buy it online or from local supermarkets.

Cook With M&S Table Salt costs 40p, ASDA Table Salt costs 65p and Morrisons Table Salt costs 65p.

Hot water needs to be avoided when removing blood stains as it can cause them to set permanently.

On white garments, a bleach solution can be used to remove especially difficult blood stains.

Some experts also suggest using hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains.

However, this solution should not be applied directly to the stain but applied using a sponge or cloth.

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