I caught my step-son up to no good in our bedroom using a Ring camera and somehow I'M in the wrong | The Sun

A MAN has revealed how he was made to feel in the wrong after catching his step-son going in the master bedroom via a Ring video camera.

The anonymous person recounted how his wife was fuming when she found out about the "invasion of privacy".

He says it was her idea to buy the Ring device in the first place.

But his other half is annoyed because it's not the first time he's used cameras around the home.

"A couple of weeks into our trip, I get an alert that there's a person in our bedroom," he explained on Reddit.

"I look and it's my step-son.

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"I showed my wife and told her that I'd prefer if our son wasn't in our bedroom while we are gone.

"She got incredibly annoyed that I had put the camera on and didn't tell her."

The man said he put the camera on his collection of valuable watches as he didn't have time to put them in the safe downstairs.

So he connected the Ring camera and pointed it at the closest.

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"I wasn't spying on my step-son because the camera was in a private room, not in spaces that he was using," he continued.

"I wasn't hiding the camera from her, obviously since I showed her the video of our son in the room.

"I literally did not think to tell her before because it wasn't in a public room, and it was a last minute decision."

It turns out this wasn't the first time the couple had had an issue about cameras around the house.

They installed a Ring doorbell camera about five years ago and his wife said she didn't like him receiving app alerts on his phone whenever she was home.

He had also secretly put up cameras when the kids were younger – and caught them organising a house party.

And during a rough patch he made the "stupid" mistake of listening in on his other half's conversations.

Reddit commenters have waded into the dispute – and many are torn.

"You literally didn't have 10 minutes to put the watches in your safe but had time to hook up a [camera]," one said.

"It seems to be you were trying to catch your stepson doing something.

"You wanted an excuse to use the cameras again."

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Others defended the husband's actions but said he should apologise to his wife.

"I think you need to apologize to your wife for not letting her know, given the past issue, and then make sure to always tell her when you set up and turn on a camera, no matter the circumstances," they said.

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