Remove ‘thick grease’ from oven glass with ‘magic’ item that ‘melts it all away’

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Ovens play a big role in creating meals day in and day out but they can also become home to drips, splatters and spills and may need regular cleaning to continue working their best. 

Wiping down the oven glass window can be done regularly to keep ovens and kitchens looking clean. 

However, for those who have not been doing this, their oven door may be covered in burnt-on grease and grime, just like one cleaning enthusiast has experienced.

Posting a picture anonymously to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page of their oven glass completely brown from dried grease buildup, one person took to the group in search of advice.

The user wrote: “Please can I have tips on how to get this thick stubborn grease off?”

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While group members typically recommend using a wet dishwasher tablet to clean oven glass, this time the majority suggested using the Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser.

Paula Kelly said: “Used the Bar Keepers stain remover myself today. It is good, oven came up a treat.”

Posting a picture of the Bar Keepers Friend powder, Lindsey Wylie commented: “I used this yesterday for the first time on my oven door, thought it was great. Poured the powder on the door then used hot water and a sponge. 

“I was amazed at how easy it was. I got it in Home Bargains and it was only £2.” Sharon Harrison replied: “I also use this. It’s brilliant stuff.”

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Katherine Hyde said: “Bar Keepers Friend powder with a microfibre sponge! Throw powder on with water, let sit for a little and rub in a circular motion to remove stubborn buildup. It melts it all way.”

Pamela Wilding claimed: “I used Bar Keepers Friend too and the grease came off the glass right away. Works like magic.”

The Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser makes for the perfect oven cleaner as their website states that this product is “tough enough to tackle a greasy grill” yet it is also “gentle enough to use on glass”.

The product can be picked up from stores such as Lakeland for £2.99 and Ocado for £3.

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Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using a degreasing product to clean oven glass, such as Elbow Grease.

Chelsea Wilson said: “Elbow grease oven cleaner spray. Mine came up like new after using this.”

Adele Jackson claimed: “Best thing I’ve ever used is Elbow Grease from B and M. The grease just slides off.”

Jane Hutson added: “Very hot water and Elbow Grease spray. Leave to soak as long as you can, then use a sponge to wash.”

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