‘I was frustrated to discover my children’s laundry was actually super dirty’

How to whiten and remove stubborn stains from white socks

A horrified mother has confessed she was “disgusted” after learning her children’s freshly washed socks were far from clean.

Nisha is a mother of two from Queensland, Australia who originally took to the internet to figure out why her family’s socks were coming about hard and crusty despite just coming out of the washing machine.

After trying out multiple laundry hacks, the frustrated mother even removed the drum from her washing machine and cleaned all of it, only for the clothes to continue coming out stiff.

Nisha finally decided to do a deep clean of the socks by soaking them for over an hour in Di-San Stain Remover, which can be purchased at Aldi stores and was shocked by the results.

She took to Facebook to show pictures of the soaking garments, and the water had turned a mucky brown colour, showing that the socks were never clean and building up dirt despite being regularly washed.

Nisha begged other parents on Facebook to figure out how the socks were not being cleaned, as she did not have time to deep soak clothes every evening.

She said: “Why! I have a Simpson top loader (it’s seven years old) and I can’t fathom why I need to scrub and soak all my clothes before they get washed.

“It’s like the machine is not cleaning. I have tried laundry booster, different detergents, adding Di-San to the wash, Lectric soda, everything”

Nisha added that the feel of the soaks and knowing that they were that dirty was “just awful”.

Other parents quickly wrote back to Nisha, with many believing that the problem may be a combination of several factors – such as an old washing machine and using too much detergent in a wash.

One dad wrote: “You need longer (and possibly warmer) washes and less detergents.”

Another user said: “Maybe the water isn’t hot enough, in warm/hot water the fibres relax, thereby letting the dirt be washed out easier.”

One mum who believed she had the solution, commented: “It could be an agitation issue – small items tend to get wrapped up in bigger ones (towels, t-shirts, sheets) and then they don’t clean properly

She added: “Have you tried only washing small items together? Can be tricky to get the machine full, but gather up all your underwear, socks, face washers, and kid’s clothes and do a ‘smalls’ wash once a week.”

Some other helpful parents suggested the answer may be to get a new washing machine. One parent wrote: “I recommend the Bosch German-made front loader. Long warm/hot washes. Turn socks right way out and they come out pure white.”

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