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NINTENDO has not confirmed that a successor to the Nintendo Switch is in the works, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation.

It has been over six years since the Nintendo Switch was released, and so all eyes are on what the next console will be like.

The Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, and Nintendo is sure to capitalise on its popularity.

Hybrid consoles seem to be the way of the future, with people enjoying changing from home to handheld gaming.

There are plenty of rumours about the specs that the Switch 2 will meet.

Many are predicting a return to the cheaper LCD screen, but with hardware that will match the power of the PlayStation 4.

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People also predict that the next Switch will launch around late-2024 to coincide with the holiday period.

However, this is one of the first times that speculation about the price has come to light.

Insiders believe that Nintendo is aiming for a $399 (£349) price point, in order to deliver a console at both the price and quality that players want.

This would make the Switch 2 the most expensive Nintendo console of all time, but also notably cheaper than the Xbox Series X and PS5.

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This price still maintains the affordable price players are used to, while upgrading the hardware to more modern standards.

All of this information is still speculative, as no official information about the console has been revealed.

However, this latest tip has been the most trustworthy so far, and the figures make sense given the current gaming market.

PlayStation and Xbox are both releasing new consoles this year, though they are cheaper than the company’s main console.

Xbox is releasing a new Xbox Series S with double the standard storage of the white Series S coming out on September 1.

PlayStation is releasing a handheld streaming accessory that will work by streaming games from the PS5.

There is no release date for this yet, but it is currently codenamed Project Q.
Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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