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IF you're fed up with poor Wi-Fi an expert has revealed three tips that could help you overcome connection woes once and for all.

There are all sorts of things around the home that can interfere with the Wi-Fi.

Many you may not suspect at all while others are hidden enemies.

YouTuber Adam Lobo has shared where you might be going wrong in your household.

Too many devices connected

A typical UK household has about 18 Wi-Fi enabled devices on average, according to Ofcom data from November.

Having lots of devices using broadband at the same time means the connection is spread more thinly.

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And some will be running apps in the background even when you're not using that device.

"Check your devices to see if there are any apps running and just close them," Adam explains.

"Or you can even try disconnecting the devices from your Wi-Fi to see if there's any significant improvement with your speed."

Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth signals can cause havoc.

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Especially if they're close to the router.

Keep these well away from it – this includes things like phones and even baby monitors.


Mirrors are a lesser known blight on your Wi-Fi.

"That giant mirror you have infront of your router might be also reflecting your Wi-Fi signal," Adam continues.

"So try reducing the number of reflecting surfaces and active Bluetooth devices near your router or mesh devices.

"Doing that should minimise the interference and increase your Wi-Fi signal strength."

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