I'm sick of my 'selfish' neighbour parking his Tesla right in front of my privacy fence & gate – so I got my revenge | The Sun

A MAN was fuming after an "inconsiderate" driver dumped their Tesla in his spot – but he got his revenge.

The scathing resident found Elon Musk's popular EV abandoned in front of his privacy fence despite "no parking" signs.

In a picture posted to social media, the Richmond local uploaded a snap of the black Tesla blocking access to his property.

He penned: "I understand some people are struggling with reading but I always thought the signs on my gate are quite clear and easy to understand.

"Unfortunately, someone has dropped his or her “eco friendly” battery thing across my gate so I have no access to the property.

"Does anyone recognise who’s battery it is? I wish the owner will move it before it will be taken by traffic enforcement. Thank you."

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In retaliation, the furious homeowner took matters into his own hands.

"I left the note on the windscreen asking politely to don’t park here again," he wrote.

"I have the record of the number plates. I hope it was one off. In case it wasn’t, next time will be sorted polish way," he claimed.

His post sparked outrage among fellow residents who slammed the selfish Tesla owner.

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"Inconsiderate w****r should get it towed away take the wheels off it leave it on bricks," penned one.

Another suggested: "Get the council down there and have it removed.

"It will cost at least £200 to have the car recovered. Hopefully, that will teach the owner a valuable lesson."

"Hideous motor so likely to be dumped and abandoned due to embarrassment of owner," agreed a third.

This comes as other homeowners are infuriated by inconsiderate drivers who steal their spaces.

One shared a photo of their neighbour's car sat right in the middle of their driveway – and divulged how they got revenge.

Meanwhile, a woman has revealed that she got her neighbour's car towed after she wouldn't stop parking on her property.

Plus, a motor expert has revealed your rights when a nightmare neighbour parks across your drive.


In the UK, if someone is blocking your drive, it's not technically illegal, although some might feel like it should be.

However, if their wheel is over the dropped kerb, they are committing a parking offence.

There are two types of dropped kerbs: those for pedestrians, especially those with buggies or wheelchairs, and those for drivers to access driveways.

Vehicles parked across dropped kerbs can be ticketed, even if they're not fully blocking it.

Parking very close to a dropped kerb or directly opposite it isn't illegal, even if it restricts access.

The Highway Code states that a car cannot cause an obstruction to the road, but this does not include obstructing access to private land. 

In the rare case that someone is blocking your driveway and will not leave, you can contact the council or even the police.

According to the Met Police: "If you can find the owner of the vehicle, we’d first recommend asking them politely to move it.

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"If you can’t find them, try leaving a note on their windscreen. After all, they may not realise they have caused a problem. If this doesn’t work, please contact your local council."

However, they added if a person has blocked your driveway, you can report antisocial behaviour online to the police.

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