I'm a mechanic with 55 years experience – here's easy hack to clear frozen windscreen… you'll have tool in your wallet | The Sun

AN expert mechanic has revealed his top tip for clearing your frozen windscreen – and you'll have the key tool in your wallet.

Motor whizz Scotty Kilmer also cautioned viewers on what not to do to remove ice during the biting winter months.

Posting to his TikTok channel @scottykilmerofficial, he said: "I'm going to tell why not to pour hot water on a windshield in cold weather.

"Yes, it melts the ice but it can also crack your windshield.

"And if you've got those little micro cracks from rocks in the windshield, the hot water can make them spread in an instant".

Scotty recommends two must-have tools to remove the pesky ice, and one will likely be in your back pocket.

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He continued: "Be prepared like me!

"Have one of these scrapers in the trunk. They work quite well and they don't scratch anything.

"Plastic does not scratch glass.

"And in a pinch, use your credit card! They work good too."

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Viewers flocked to the comments to applaud the nifty tips.

"Great content, love this guy," one said.

Another chimed in: "I love this guy."

It comes after Scotty told viewers why he would never buy an electric car.

And for those who are feeling the financial squeeze, Scotty lifted the lid on how you can save hundreds of pounds by preventing your car battery from running out.

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