‘Best ever’ item to unblock clogged drains ‘straight away’ – ‘dissolves hair’

Home Depot expert explains how to unclog a bath drain

Hair lingering around the plughole is unappealing, but if hair clogs in drains, it can cause significant problems in the drain network.

If a bathtub drain or shower drain is backed up, there’s a high chance that hair is the culprit. 

Knowing how to dissolve hair in drains is vital information for households as it can save them from having to call a plumber to carry out the task – this can result in a hefty bill.

Aware of a buildup of hair blocking their shower drain, one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask what should be done to fix it.

Sarah Butterfield wrote: “Can anyone advise the best drain cleaner? I have quite thick hair and you know what it’s like when you’re in the shower, just falls out. 

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“My drain in the shower is more or less clogged with my hair. It’s vile. I’ve tried them twisty plastic things to get bits out but I need something more. Thank you.”

Of the responses Sarah received, the majority suggested that she use Buster Bathroom Sink Plughole Unblocker to tackle the task.

Lauren Miller said: “I find Buster unblocker poured down the drain pulls all mine and my daughter’s long strands down.”

Daniela Stapleton wrote: “Buster Unblocker, I use it all the time when my bathtub blocks up and it works brilliantly.”

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Tina Davies commented: “Buster is fabulous! I lose a lot of hair so use this every month.”

Katherine Bell said: “My hair down is so long and I use Buster Bathroom Drain Unblocker.”

Posting a picture of the drain unblocker, Emma Ireland claimed: “This is the best stuff I have ever used. 

“If it’s bad, pour a whole bottle down overnight then put boiling kettle water in the morning down it and it unblocks straight away. it dissolves all the hair and gunk.

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“It’s really good stuff. My shower was completely blocked and water wouldn’t even go down it.

“Left it overnight and poured boiling water down and was like when we first got the shower. It’s perfect for hair blockage.”

Buster can be picked up from local supermarkets like Tesco for £2.90 and at Sainsbury’s for £3.

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