We hate annoying hybrid drivers taking up all our parking spots to charge their 'stupid' cars – they take ALL day | The Sun

A DRIVER has hit out at hybrid car owners he accuses of taking up prized parking spots all day to charge their "stupid" motors.

The TikTok user expressed his frustration after hanging around for a space in London to fire up his own electric vehicle (EV).

He labelled them as "stupid" people clogging up charging point spots for their hybrid cars which combine electric motors with petrol engines.

The social media poster @iamdollard won both fellow-feeling praise and some criticism for the 15-second clip he shared.

The web developer captioned the video, filmed in Sutton, with the words: "Charging a car in London."

And he can be heard fuming: "Seriously, can you people please stop charging your petrolled vehicles and actually leave these charging points to people who have electric vehicles?

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"This is starting to p*** me off."

He posted on top of the footage the words: "They charge all day just to have an extra 10 miles."

Under current road laws, hybrid cars – which still need charging – are just as entitled to use charging points as fully electric models.

The video has attracted more than 10,200 likes and garnered more than 1,000 comments, including one supporter who said: "There should be a time limit."

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Another posted: "Couldn't agree more – Glasgow is filled with hybrids on the chargers."

Yet he was also told: "It's a plug-in hybrid so they're entitled to use these charging points – what's your issue?"

Another said: "Technically hybrids have just as much rights as EVs."

And an opponent jibed: "I love how it annoys electric car owners.

"I'm tempted to buy a hybrid just to do this."

Other responses included, "They're paying for it, I see no issue" and "He's just as entitled to use it as you are".

One viewer sent in response a series of "laughter" emojis, joking: "The in-fighting has started."

A commenter also said: "The problem is that the amount of charging stations is not meeting the amount of electric vehicles being sold."

The dispute comes after a report revealed a majority of UK council areas have no roadside chargers for EVs.

The right technology has not been installed by more than two-thirds of local authorities, a new study by manufacturers Vauxhall showed.

The worst blackspots included Cumbria, Somerset and Yorkshire.

EV drivers can be left reliant on expensive home charging points.

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