Brits warned heatwave could BREAK their Wi-Fi – three ways to ensure your route keeps running | The Sun

IT'S important to keep your Wi-Fi router in a cool place for it to perform properly.

With the a heatwave across the UK this week your Wi-Fi could drop out if it becomes too hot.

Catherine Hiley, telecoms expert from, has revealed three key tips to keep your router cool.

Avoid hot spots

If your router is on or near the windowsill you might want to move it.

Direct contact with sunlight is not ideal at all.

The best room is a central location where there are fewer windows and it's cooler.

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Not only are windows bad for exposing your box to the sunlight, but it also sends signal outside to nowhere.


Wi-Fi routers need space to ventilate.

Put it on a firm, level surface – and not tightly packed next to other objects.

"Routers have in-built fans that help them to cool down," Catherine explains.

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"This means they need space around them to let out the hot air caused by all the processing they need to do.

"If your router is surrounded by lots of other objects, it can’t properly ventilate and might overheat."

Disconnect disused devices

The more devices trying to connect to your router the harder it has to work.

Turning off Wi-Fi on kit you're not using may help to ease the pressure during hot times.

"The more devices that are connected to your router, the harder it has to work to keep them all online, which makes it more likely to slow down or switch off," Catherine explained.

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