Kitchen staples brighten white sheets that have taken on a yellow hue

Cleaning hack: Home expert advises on washing bed sheets

White bedding, in particular sheets, can easily become discoloured which can make them unpleasant to look at.

One of the best ways to ensure sheets don’t turn yellow or discoloured is to wash them regularly – ideally once a week.

Washing sheets and bedding regularly removes dust mites, bacteria, stains and unpleasant odours.

With this in mind, Gareth Coxall, marketing and creative director at Terrys has shared exclusively with how to avoid white bed sheets becoming discoloured.

Mr Coxall said there are a few different things homeowners can try to make sure those whites stay as “bright as possible”.

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One way to ensure white bedding remains white is to add a cleaning essential like baking soda to the washing machine.

He explained: “Adding lemon juice, baking soda or white vinegar to your detergent or fabric softener can also help to maintain brightness.

“Baking soda and vinegar will act as natural fabric softeners, making them a great eco-friendly substitute for anyone with skin sensitive to chemicals.”

Lemons contain citric acid which is a natural bleaching agent that can help whiten fabrics. White vinegar contains acetic acid which can help whiten fabrics and kill bacteria.

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is alkaline which means it can break down dirt and stains easily on clothes.

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Make-up stains, in particular, can be hard to remove from bedding, so ensuring you’ve removed any stray mascara before jumping into bed will help bedding stay white and stain-free.

Muddy footprints courtesy of your pets can also discolour bedding but they’re not hard to remove.

In this instance, Mr Coxall suggested adding some stain-removing powder into the wash.

If white sheets already have a “yellow hue”, homeowners can again use a homemade formula.

The expert said: “Should your sheets have taken on a yellow hue, try dissolving vinegar, lemon juice and two tablespoons of washing-up liquid in a bath of warm water and pre-soaking them for half an hour before putting them in the washing machine.”

Drying white sheets properly can also have an impact on their colour.

Drying sheets outside in the sun can help to whiten them as the sun’s ultraviolet rays have a bleaching effect.

However, don’t leave them out for too long as prolonged exposure can cause “yellowing”.

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