Driver reveals cheeky trick that allows him to pull out from busy junctions – and viewers admit to doing the same | The Sun

A DRIVER has revealed a cheeky trick that allows him to pull out from busy junctions.

Al Bates shared a TikTok clip of her husband using the unique hack, much to the delight of viewers.

In the video, the couple have obviously been forced to wait at a junction as traffic streams past along the main road.

However, Al's husband leapt into action with an ingenious solution.

He can be seen hopping out of the car to push the pedestrian button at the traffic lights just up the road.

This normally indicates that people are waiting to cross the busy street, causing the lights to change.


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This time, though, it simply works to Al and her husband's advantage, by halting the flow of traffic which would otherwise have the right of way over them at the junction.

After the lights turn red, they then have a clear road to pull out into and drive off.

Al can be heard chuckling as her husband dives back into the driving seat of their caravan in time to make the most of the opportunity.

Social media users quickly flooded the comments, with many admitting to pulling the same trick, or at least considering it.

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One wrote: "The number of times I've thought about doing this."

Another added: "This is thinking outside the box."

And one generous pedestrian even said: "Anytime I'm out for a walk and see a car waiting to get onto a busy street I push the button."

Even better, there doesn't appear to be anything in the Highway Code to prevent using the crossing button in this way.

However, if you are planning on using this hack, it is best to get your passenger to do it as leaving your car unattended while idling could see you caught for driving without proper control of the vehicle.

Penalties for this can range from three licence points and a £1,000 fine to a driving ban and a much-increased penalty charge if you are prosecuted.

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