Get ‘astounding’ streak-free windows in ‘less than a minute’ with 55p item

'Clean It, Fix It' viewers amazed at window cleaning hack

Window cleaning seems like a task that can take all day, which is why many tend to put off this cleaning chore.

However, there is a simple household method that works well to clean windows without streaks taking over. 

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, one woman shared a successful tip and one that didn’t work so well.

Miriam Ahhmed wrote: “I want to thank every member of this group who posted about cleaning windows without smearing.

“I used to use Elbow Grease’s window and glass cleaner with kitchen roll – big mistake. It always left smears, especially when the sun was out.

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“I then tried washing up liquid with hot water in a spray bottle and a squeegee and it gave me streak-free and gleaming windows.

“It took less than a minute to clean the whole living room window and the results were astounding. I’m so happy right now and can’t wait to get the rest of the house done.”

Taking to the comments section, group members claimed to use the same method and were also in favour of it.

Sally Fallon said: “I have started to do mine with water and washing up liquid and it’s amazing.”

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Maryann Black commented: “I use washing up liquid for mirrors too. The only thing that works.”

Dean Scott said: “I was a window cleaner for 16 years, my advice is to forget all of these products and myths of vinegar and use washing up liquid, a microfibre cloth and squeegee.”

Debbie Nugent wrote: “I always use this method too, but it’s also good for mirrors.”

Linda Doyle claimed: “I clean my windows that way and have them done in no time.”

Washing up liquid is a staple in all households. found this kitchen staple to be the cheapest at Asda retailing for 55p.

Other Mrs Hinch fans claimed that if households have a good microfibre cloth, they don’t need any chemicals at all – not even- washing up liquid.

Posting a picture of the Marigold microfibre cloth, Abigail Adams said: “100 percent agree. No chemicals, just water and this cloth. Windows will look perfect.”

Lisa Simon agreed: “This cloth is amazing. I have not found anything as fabulous.”

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