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AN EV car expert has warned drivers to be aware of others when it comes to using the electric chargers for their motors.

Public demand for the chargers has increased as more people make the switch to EV vehicles.

And many feel frustrated over the lack of available spots when they're in need of a battery boost.

Mike Potter, CEO of DriveElectric, has shared his dos and don'ts for charging yours to help prevent the situation from becoming a nightmare.

He told the Express: “With electric vehicles becoming the norm, lots of drivers new to electric cars are hitting the road and charging stations.

“There’s a few dos and don’ts that everyone should keep in mind when using a public EV charger, this is why we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know.



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First, he said, it's important to charge the car safely by correctly using the cable.

DriveElectric advised that, once the EV is plugged into the charger, any excess cable should be wound up and stored in a safe place to avoid others tripping over it.

They also helpfully hinted that drivers should charge their EV vehicles during off-peak travel times where possible, to ease demand.

They also reminded motorists to place the cables securely into a holder once done with them, to keep it clean and tidy.

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And they reminded drivers to unplug the vehicle and move on as soon as the battery is replenished.

Another useful piece of advice saw them recommend that drivers only use the public charges to quickly top up their cars so they can reach their destination.

They explained that regularly topping up the battery can in fact take more time.

One EV owner recently raged about how much time she spends sitting in her car going nowhere while she waits for it to charge.

A survey by Auto Trader also found that many Brits were apprehensive of the move to EVs due to issues around charging them and their cost.

EV's are on average around one third more expensive than their petrol and diesel equivalent.

But the price of used EV's has fallen over recent years, making them an attractive alternative.

However issues remain around charging EVs and many Brits perceive this as a hurdle.

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