People are just realizing Android has 8 official hacks to upgrade battery for free – first is using your keyboard wrong | The Sun

GOOGLE has some useful advice for Android users suffering from bad batteries on their phones.

The tech giant has a list of eight tricks that could save you some valuable juice.

It's important to note that some of the tips only work if you're using Android 13 software and above.

One of the most overlooked tips is to "Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations."

This is easily amended in your Settings and your keyboard will still work as normal just without vibrating.

The next tip is "Let your screen turn off sooner."

You can change the amount of time your screen stays bright before locking in your Settings menu.

Next on the list is "Reduce screen brightness."

This is also easily toggled within your Settings and it's worth having low brightness on unless you're struggling to see the screen.

The next tip from Google is "Set the brightness to change automatically."

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This is a useful way to stay on top of the battery-draining feature without having to manually change things for yourself.

If none of the above work, you can try restricting "apps with high battery use."

It's worth checking to see which apps are using the most data as this can reveal big battery-drainers.

Next on the list is "Turn on adaptive battery."

This smart battery feature tracks your usage so it can adjust settings running in the background in an attempt to stop you from losing juice.

Google also recommends that you "Delete unused accounts."

It's worth deleting apps and accounts you no longer want.

Finally, Google said to "Turn on dark theme."

Dark mode is associated with screen brightness and is an easy way to save battery.

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The tech giant notes: "Your device’s battery life depends on the type of device you have.

"Get help with your specific device on your manufacturer’s support site."

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