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SONY has just announced a new PlayStation 5 model that fans are calling the PlayStation Slim.

Much smaller and lighter than the original model, it also comes with an exciting new feature.

Rumours of a new PS5 model were confirmed by the announcement, which followed a number of clues spotted by eagle-eyed fans.

Back in July, court documents were found where Microsoft claimed the PS5 Slim would be launching by the end of the year.

In August, someone uploaded footage of them holding a new PS5 shell, which is now confirmed to be the PS5 Slim case.

The new design is similar to the old one, but fixes a number of issues people have with the original version, mainly its size.

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It’s a third smaller than the original model, and significantly lighter than the bulky PlayStation 5.

What has fans most excited is the new detachable disc drive which was rumoured to be a new addition.

People can purchase either the digital-only version or one that comes with a disc drive.

However, now if you purchase the digital version, you can upgrade to the disc-based version later by purchasing and attaching the disc drive to your system.

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The disc drive will cost £100 ($80) separately, which ends up costing more than if you buy the full model to begin with.

Overall, the pricing has been the most contentious point for PlayStation fans.

While the disc-based version maintains the £479 ($499) price point of the original, the digital version has seen a price increase to £389 ($449).

Not only this but the stand to store your PS5 vertically will cost an additional £25 ($29), whereas it was included in the original version.

While the price increase doesn’t seem drastic, PS5 models have seen a price drop recently, and many have been able to grab the disc-based version for less than £400.

Sony also announced that once the original models have sold out, they will not be producing more, so the Slim model will become the only one available.

Pre-orders for the PS5 Slim have already begun, with the first new PS5 units expected in November.

You can read more about the new PS5 Slim model on the official PlayStation Blog.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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