Eight of the best European cities to relocate to for your retirement

Britons looking for a change of scenery when they retire may want to look at the benefits of moving to these eight European cities.

Experts at Money Minder compared 50 of the largest European cities to find out the best place to wind down and start a new life after moving on from work.

To find the cheapest locations, the cities were compared in terms of house prices and the cost of basic groceries and travel.

Researchers also looked at life expectancy and amenities such as leisure centres, as well as the minimum state pension available.

Below are eight of the highest ranked cities which a person may want to consider when planning for their retirement.

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Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital scored highly for quality of life with low crime rates. Transport and groceries are also relatively cheap.

Malaga, Spain

The southern Spanish city on the Costa del Sol has a good host of amenities and very mild winters – the lowest temperature ever recorded was just -4C.

There is plenty to do in the port city, which has 14 leisure centres, 45 wineries and 40 museums to visit.

Seville, Spain

Another favourite destination in Spain, Seville gets sunshine throughout the year, with just 80 days of rainfall.

The cathedral city has low property prices compared to the other cities and a high life expectancy, at 85.5.

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Dresden, Germany

Sitting on the River Elbe, this cultural icon is home to many architectural beauties and has some notable financial benefits.

Dresden was fifth in the list for its low house prices while the best state pension pays €2,100 (£1,800) a month.

Zagreb, Croatia

The largest city in Croatia, Zagreb has a rich history and a large general hospital, the Sveti Duh.

Top benefits include low house prices and cheap transport with a one-way ticket for as little as €0.57 (£0.49).

Warsaw, Poland

The capital of Poland is home to 88 parks and nature reserves, and is served by two commercial airports.

An average groceries shop costs less than €25 (£21.60) with the cheap cost of living reflect in the state pension, which is just under €250 (£216) a month.

Helsinki, Finland

The coastal capital of Finland is known for its natural beauty and exceptional public health care provision.

It is considered one of the safest cities in the world with very low crime rates. The city also has a good variety of leisure facilities as well as public saunas.

Stuttgart, Germany

This city is already very popular with some 20,000 newcomers arriving each year. It was also previously named the world’s least stressful city.

This is one of the more expensive cities in terms of house prices while the state pension was also among the highest paying, with life expectancy at 74.7 years.

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