The most haunted properties to visit in the UK this spooky season

A headless queen, vengeful ghosts, a book-loving spirit and so much more. This spooky season the National Trust has listed the six most haunted properties across the UK where you could spot ghosts, ghouls, and phantoms.

Blickling, Norfolk

Built in the 1600s by Sir Henry Hobart, Blickling Hall is famously believed to be the birthplace of Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. Boleyn is said to be headless, haunting the halls in a ghostly horse-drawn carriage. 

Anne is said to reappear every year on the anniversary of her execution, May 19. 

Corfe Castle, Dorset

Corfe Castle is a thousand-year-old royal building, home to a headless ghost of a woman in white. The horrifying figure is assumed to be a member of the Bankes family. It is said that Lady Bankes was betrayed by one of her people and is believed to have committed an act of treason during the Civil War in the 1640s.

According to the Dorset Echo, sightings of Lady Bankes are mostly seen by the castle gate.

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Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

This 17th-century country house is considered one of the finest in East Anglia, the estate was originally owned by the Felbrigg family but then owned by the Wyndham/Windhams. The property was passed on to the National Trust in the 1960s but it seems not all family members have evacuated. 

There’s said to be a phantom book-lover who roams the halls. William Windham had tragically died trying to save manuscripts from a fire. He was buried in Felbrigg Church, not far from the Hall. According to reports, the phantom can be spotted in a dark spooky library. 

Buckland Abbey, Devon

Buckland Abbey was built in the late 1200s but is famously known as Sir Francis Drake’s residence. The English Explorer died during a sea voyage. Sinister stories have been shared that Drake signed a pact with the Devil which allows him to haunt his old estate with a “pack of supernatural snarling dogs”.

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Dunster Castle, Somerset

Dunster Castle holds a thousand years’ worth of history but the creepiest account is about the strange man in green that walks through the castle. According to Somerset Live, locals have recalled seeing the man walk through the building before he vanished in front of them. Allegedly the castle holds the remains of a seven-foot prisoner chained with several other skeletons buried in the dungeon.

Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire

Dinefwr is a 17th-century manor house and castle ruins. the land is said to be haunted by multiple spirits. One of its occupants is Lady Elinor Cavendish rather known as The Lady in White. The spirit allegedly roams the halls, having been killed by a rejected lover.

Treasurer’s House, Yorkshire

The most haunted house in York that occupies may be our oldest ghosts, Treasure House holds more than 2,000 years worth of history.

The building is consumed with supernatural activity: from marching Roman military phantoms to constantly moving furniture. The last owner of the house, Mr Green threatened to return if anyone moved the furniture from the studs he placed on the floor. Visitors have spotted cats in the cafe when one couldn’t possibly get in and a mysterious old lady who tells children to sit on historic chairs.

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