I woke up one morning to find my EV totally dead for no reason… even my mechanics don't know why it happened | The Sun

A WOMAN was fuming when she discovered her EV had died over night for no reason.

Abby was disappointed when she found the battery had completely drained after falling in love with her electric car.

But, the cause of the fault remains a mystery – and it even left her car dealership stumped for answers.

In a video posted to TikTok, she said: "I was p***ed when I woke up a couple of months ago and my car was just flat out dead.

"I had no idea what was going on and I was on my way to work so it's not very fun.

"But, I popped by hood which is thankfully still manual, and then I boosted it – like you would with any other car.

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"Thankfully this did the trick and I actually haven't had any problems since.

"So I suspected by dash cam just had a busy night or something."

She explained after carrying out a vehicle health report on her app, everything was analysed and there were no issues.

But, Abby still thought it would be a good idea to mention it at the next service.

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Motor experts told her they did not find any problems with the car after conducting a full check on the battery.

The whole process included a review of her 12v battery, high voltage battery, her tyres, fluids and a full inspection – but it only cost her £43.

In the comment section, she responded to one follower and explained: "The dealership did test it, it's apparently fine, but I've heard normal ICE 12v batteries don't do will in EVs, I might invest in a deep cycle battery."

Someone else wrote: "Tech here. Sadly issues like this can be a bit of a phantom, most likely a software problem.

"Make sure you keep that pack on you just in case."

One person asked: "So they didn't see anything in the logs for the 12v battery drain?"

To which the EV driver replied: "Nope, all clear, other EV owners complain about bad factory 12v batteries.

"I might invest in a new one before winter but I haven't had problems since."

This comes as an EV expert revealed the easy way you can jump start a dead Tesla – it may happen more than you think.

Speaking on his YouTube account, Tesla guru, @EverydayChris, explained the simple process to bring the battery back to life.

He noted that premium models don't have physical keys to open their doors which makes life harder.

"So, you will need to access the battery by opening the front, by popping open the toe eye cover on the bumper, you will see a positive and negative terminal," he explained.

"You can use a jump starter and connect the cable to open the front.

"Black is negative and red is positive.

"Once the front is open you can remove a plastic piece to get to the battery, then jump start it to turn on the Tesla, open the door and start it.

"Connect the jump start cables in the same way on the positive and negative terminals, with your kit."

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