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NETFLIX is the world’s most popular streaming service with over 250million subscribers signed up worldwide.

However, statistics reveal that less than 1 per cent of users are making use of one of Netflix’s best perks.

While Netflix is best known for its wide selection of films and TV shows, it is actually an entertainment hub.

If people have been following the company over the past few years, you will notice that it has acquired a number of gaming studios.

One of the more popular of these is Night School Studios, which developed the Oxenfree games.

Oxenfree 2 was developed exclusively for Netflix, and yet the gaming section of Netflix is yet to pick up.

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A report by CNBC, has revealed that just 2.2million Netflix users play one of the games from Netflix’s library on a daily basis.

There are almost a hundred games currently available on Netflix that are free for all subscribers.

These include award-winning titles such as Immortality, Kentucky Route Zero, and Before Your Eyes.

While more than 70million subscribers have downloaded a game at some point, they don’t tend to come back.

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All of Netflix’s games can be downloaded to mobile and played at no extra cost to subscribers.

Co-CEO of Netflix Greg Peterson said: “We see a tremendous amount of opportunity to build a long-term centre value of entertainment.”

However, subscribers have failed to follow the company’s vision.

Netflix continues to make and release new games on the service, including the recently released Squid Game and Black Mirror-based games.

There is already a huge crossover between TV and movie watchers, and video gaming fans, so it’s unusual that Netflix’s gaming section hasn’t taken off.

It is believed that many users aren’t even aware that games are available on Netflix, or they don’t know which games available on Netflix are worth playing.

Unlike TV shows or films where you can watch a few minutes and decide if it’s for you, games require a download and a larger time investment.

If there is a way to close this gap, then more users could take up gaming as part of their subscription.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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