‘I’m saving £240 a year on my energy bills using an app on my phone’

One man has been able to save over £200 on his energy bills each year using smart technology.

Customers that have smart technology in their homes, such as a smart thermostat, can use apps to get the most out of them.

Most of these apps will provide customers with valuable information about how much energy they’re using and will give them some ideas on ways to save.

Edward Thompson has “saved about £180-£240 a year on energy bills” using Hive’s smart technology.

The 28-year-old from London said: “Being able to turn off my heating when out of the house or forgotten to do it is such a relief.


“It eases the stress and anxiety when knowing how expensive energy bills are at the moment.

“Knowing there’s no wasted heat and energy, therefore money, when I’m away gives me peace of mind.”

If people want to make some significant savings on their energy bills, it’s important that they know how much it costs to use each household appliance to see where savings can be made.

Being aware of one’s consumption and using smart technology will allow people to take back control of their energy usage.

Hive’s research found that 2 million thermostat users have collectively saved nearly £325 million on their energy bills.

Clare Seal, a financial expert at Hive has shared her top tips for saving money this winter and explained how smart thermostats can save people stress and money.

She said: “Make sure you’re never heating an empty home. Life gets so busy, that it’s easy to forget to turn the heating down or off before you leave the house – especially if you have ADHD, like me.

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“Consider a smart thermostat to allow you to control your heating wherever you are, so if you remember that you’ve left the heating on when you’re halfway to work, you can actually do something about it!”

Many smart products will inform people of how much energy they are using in real-time through a smartphone app.

This allows customers to make smart choices moving forward and will help them save money in the long run.

Ms Seal continued by explaining how “consciousness is everything when it comes to energy consumption – we waste so much when we’re not aware!

“Try to monitor your usage, especially if you’re working remotely and heating your home more than you have in the past.

“An app like Hive Heating Plus can help you to analyse and plan your consumption according to your tariff, behaviour and the weather – and therefore help you to budget better, too.”

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