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A CREATIVE carpenter has transformed an old horse box into the world’s most luxurious truck – complete with a jacuzzi tub.

Guy Williams, 44, from Swansea, put his skills to the test during lockdown – fitting an old horse box truck with a lounge, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Making use of recycled materials, Guy says the transformation took him 12 weeks to complete as he kitted out the truck with luxurious items such as a home cinema, a log burner, a fully equipped kitchen, a king-size bed, underfloor heating and a jacuzzi bath.

He then took the stunning make-shift motorhome on a trip of a lifetime to The Alps – taking his 107k Instagram followers with him via regular updates and snaps on the social media site.

He explained: "I built it in 12 weeks, and although everyone gasps when I tell them that, I worked on it tirelessly for 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

"I built it during lockdown with the hope that I could escape to The Alps once it was over, and that's what I did.

"Most things are recycled, like the reclaimed cladding, the kitchen unit, which is the base of an upcycled dresser.

"The floor tiles are old roofing slates, the sofas are from an old mattress, the windows are old restaurant fridge doors and it also helps to have a very talented mother who made all the soft furnishings.

"I didn't build it to sell, I built it so I could have a chalet on wheels."

He's also revealed how he managed to become debt-free after selling his house and moving into a van full-time.

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The world-traveller also quit his day job to follow his dream of becoming a carpenter, and now spends his time building tiny homes for a living.

He said: "I love designing multifunctional spaces, and with more and more people choosing to live in tiny homes, I wanted to show that you can fit a lot in the back of a six-metre by two-point five-metre box.

"I had a well-paid job as a chartered surveyor, and whilst working in the profession, I was able to get a mortgage on a house in Bristol.

"Realising surveying wasn't for me, I left the profession to follow my dream as a carpenter, but on leaving, I still had the monthly mortgage bills to pay.

"The long and short of it is that I couldn't afford to pay my mortgage and got myself deeper and deeper into debt.

"My only option was to sell the house and move into a van.

"Although that might sound drastic to some, it was actually the best move I ever made.

"On selling the house, I paid off all my debts, bought an old horse box, and that's where it all started.

"Now debt-free with cash in the bank, I went about converting vans for a living."

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