Inside plans for futuristic $400bn US desert mega city ‘Telosa’ to rival NEOM with 15min commutes & farms on skyscrapers | The Sun

A BILLIONAIRE is planning to fork out a fortune on building the city of the future in the US desert.

Entrepreneur, businessman, and investor, Marc Lore has set his sights on a new project that will rival floating cities like Oceanix Busan, South Korea, and elongated cities like The Line, Saudi Arabia.

This is no cheap venture, and "Telosa City" is expected to cost around $400 billion.

Marc's city of the future takes its name from an ancient Greek word used by Aristotle and means "highest goal".

The name, aptly chosen, refers to the billionaire's aim to make Telosa the "most open, fair and inclusive city in the world".

Marc has described its potential to be as social and environmentally friendly as a Scandinavian city, whilst being as free and full of opportunities as an American city.

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Telosa City is to be built in the middle of the desert between Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

Telosa will have several water treatment plants, who are under strict instructions to use the resource sparingly.

The new city is also predominantly set to run on renewable energy – with all buildings having solar panels installed.

Marc is also aiming to ensure that Telosa is a 15-minute city – meaning that the population should find everything they need on a daily basis in their vicinity.

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With that in mind, transport has been envisioned around public transport, bicycles and autonomous vehicles.

Vehicles that run on fossil fuels are not permitted within the city.

A large "Equity" skyscraper is also due to become Telosa's landmark.

It offers space for aeroponic farms, photovoltaic panels and water storage.

Around 150,000 hectares of land has been planned, and Marc estimates that 50,000 people will be living here by 2030.

Alongside this deliberate doubling down on sustainability, residents of Telosa City will also benefit from the billionaire's diversity plans.

These initial 50,000 are also supposed to be "diverse people", according to Marc.

Although it is unclear what is actually meant by "diverse", it has been assumed that he means people from differing racial backgrounds, ages, sexualities and abilities.

On the website, developers have written that they want Telosa to embody a new society, one that is built on pillars of being "open", "fair", and "inclusive".

Marc expects that these values will translate as the population of his project increases – which he estimates to reach 5 million by 2050.

He has also claimed that "equality" will be a pinnacle principle.

The billionaire stated that residents will directly influence political decisions, there will be no private owners, and money will be invested in social services.

Marc has recently come under fire for the project, with many claiming that the city is a vanity project – that existing cities can be drastically improved with such a large budget.

It has also been revealed recently that other futuristic cities are failing due to the fact that few people want to live in a planned, clinical, man-made city.

Yet, the ROSHN group has just announced a seven-mile-long canal "Marafy" that would home 130,000 residents in Saudi Arabia.

They also expect it to open in 2030, and to be a "gamechanger on the real estate sector development".

ROSHN Group CEO David Grover said: "It is one of the iconic projects that will put Jeddah on the map of the world class destination".

Elsewhere in Saudi Arabia, the $1trillion futuristic megacity Neom has announced its latest ground-breaking development.

Directors of the project say they plan to build a jaw dropping hotel complex called Leyja which will be carved into the walls of a giant canyon.

The ambitious feat is intended to end the country's dependency on oil wealth and pave the way to a more sustainable future.

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The city will stretch across 170 kilometres of desert dubbed "The Line" as it will only be a "land saving" 200 metres wide.

According to designers, the city will include an artificial moon, flying taxis and robot security.

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