Drivers love hack to defrost your car's frozen windshield… and it'll come in handy to keep you warm behind the wheel too | The Sun

MOTORISTS are loving a cheap hack that can easily defrost your car’s windscreen – and it'll keep you nice and toasty behind the wheel too.

A TikTok user known as ‘Julzandco7’ revealed the neat trick to her 123,000 followers in a clip on the social media site.

In the footage ‘Julz’ tells drivers “don’t waste money on de-icer” but to instead “use a hot water bottle”.

The TikToker – who says the trick will help you save money instead of buying professional products – is then seen filling one up with hot water from the kettle.

She then films herself putting the hot water bottle on the windshield – wiping it up and down to melt the ice.

The driver estimates that in about 10 minutes “you’re good to go”.

Not only does the hot water bottle act as a cheap replacement for pricey de-icer it can also keep you warm, with one commentator noting: “Then you can have it on your lap while driving.”

Many commentators praised the TikToker for her cheap hack.

One simply wrote: “Brilliant” and added some clapping emojis.

Another added: “Good idea actually.”

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While a third said: “Excellent job.”

People should be aware though that hot water bottles can explode causing severe burns.

In October last year, Helen Cowell had been using a hot water bottle to combat back pain, when it exploded and left her with burns to her legs and bottom.

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