You just need a drop of £6 liquid to banish misty windows for good – I can 'finally see clearly' after using hack | The Sun

BRITS are only just learning about a hack that can banish misty car windows for good.

Just a drop of a popular £6 liquid can make sure you’ll never have to wipe down your windows again.

Experts behind popular product WD-40 have shared how the trusty item helps fight the issue of condensation build-up with minimal effort. 

They explained: “It’s the winter morning ritual – scrapping your car windshield

“You get in and put the blowers on to fully defrost it and then two minutes down the road its all misted up.

“Well this is where WD-40 could help. Spray some onto a cloth and wipe it on your windshield. Make sure it's all buffed out and nice and clear and this will help prevent the mist building up.



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“For a bit of a side by side comparison, I'm gonna wipe the passenger side down without any WD-40.

“Now I just need to sit in the freezing cold and let it mist back up again. The passenger side, as expected – all messed it up. But the drivers side –  jobs a good un.”

The tip comes as experts recommended tackling condensation and de-fogging windscreens with a product costing just 14p per packet.

An alternative trick taking just 20 seconds was also shared.

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Other recent driving tips for winter have included people highlighting the importance of a "weird squiggles" button.

Another mum has explained on TikTok what she dubs her lazy driver parking hack for icy mornings.

And drivers have been warned they could face £10,000 bills this winter even if they're not breaking any rules – while warnings were issued over cold weather mistakes which risk also proving costly.

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