Make stiff towels ‘super fluffy’ again with a 35p laundry method used by hotels

Washing hacks: Alice Beer reveals how to keep your towels soft

There is nothing better than the extra fluffy towels you find in hotel rooms, and despite being washed thoroughly the towels keep their comfy texture. 

Regular towels in your home can easily become brick-hard, stiff, and deteriorate over time through use, but there is one simple hotel laundry trick to keep towels soft. 

The experts at Homefords have revealed that the secret to “super fluffy towels” is white vinegar, which is best used instead of fabric softener or powdered detergent to restore your towels. 

In a blog post, Homefords explained: “Fabric softeners and powders damage fibres and reduce absorbency. 

“Instead, hotels choose an organic detergent like vinegar to keep towels looking brand-new.”

Hotels use this simple trick to keep their towels white and soft despite being used daily, as over time soap residue can build up in washing machines which causes towels and other clothes to go stiff.

To get towels fluffy again, first spot treat any stains on your towels before throwing them in the machine. Simply soak the towels in warm water and a stain remover of your choice for at least an hour before placing them in the washing machine. 

Homebase wrote: “We know that laundry can be a chore, but adding this extra step is the difference between bright or bedraggled towels.”

They added: “Hotels have access to specialist formulas that you can’t find on the shop floor, but there are plenty of solutions that work equally well. For example, Vanish Gold Oxi Action Trigger Spray is a great choice, able to penetrate and lift grime in seconds.” 

Next, place one cup of white vinegar in the detergent drawer of your machine machine and add your towels.  

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Homefords wrote: “Vinegar is an affordable and odour-free alternative to harsh chemicals. Alongside being naturally anti-bacterial, it’s an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t leave a chalky residue.” 

White vinegar can be bought from most major supermarkets for less than 50p. In Aldi, Bramwell’s distilled vinegar costs 35p while Sainsbury’s distilled vinegar costs 40p. 

Place the towels on their regular wash, and once ready they can be placed in the dryer. 

However, there is a major risk of overheating your towels in the dryer, which can also cause them to harden. Homebase wrote: “Hotels use a lower setting on the dryer to prevent shrinkage. They also line-dry damp towels rather than let them collect mildew in the drum.”

One final yet unusual trick to keep towels soft and fluffy is to place a few tennis balls inside the dryer along with the towels. 

Homebase wrote: “It might sound crazy, but as the balls tumble, they remove creases, speed up the drying process and soften your towels.” 

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