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A CAR NUT discovered a stash of pricey motors left in an underground car park – including a collection rare Subarus and abandoned Bentleys

Dave, who runs car culture site DriftGames, came across the stunning selection, which have been left in storage, on a trip to Tokyo, Japan.

In a clip posted to his YouTube channel, Dave took viewers around the vast site as they ogled the vehicles on offer.

As he drove around the narrow lanes of the car park, he spotted everything from bog standard hatchbacks to supercars from Lamborghini, Lotus and Aston Martin.

Dave's pal, a Tokyo local who was guiding him around the city, explained that the facility was used effectively as a garage by anyone and everyone.

Since nobody lives in the building above it, they said that commuters often park up there as it's only a short walk from a major train station.



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However, some motor enthusiasts also use it as a huge storage space to leave their beloved vehicles.

One car lover had assembled a sizeable collection of rare-spec Subarus, including an S201 and S206.

These limited edition models are worth up to £48,000 and £40,000 respectively today and the ones hidden away in the garage appeared to be in mint condition.

Dave said: "Someone here has a big Subaru collection that they've just left here in the car park.

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"It's like old-school Subaru…look at this thing.

"That must be a very rare colour, I've never seen a yellow Hawkeye Subaru."

Likewise, there was an abandoned Bentley covered in dust which, despite its collapsed suspension, would still likely be worth over £50,000.

One passerby looking to amuse themselves had written a message in the dust, which Dave's local friend translated as "one day I will be richer than you".

However, perhaps the crown jewel of the set was a pristine Ferrari 355, which can sell for over £100,000.

Social media commenters were astonished by the collection.

One wrote: "Crazy low production cars, arguably the best specs for each generation. Looks like a Gran Turismo garage."

Another added: "Great video nice to see such a variety of cars, amazing car park."

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