‘I have made over £31,000 in my side hustle selling recycled clothes’

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One woman was able to make the equivalent of over £31,000 after turning her side hustle into a business.

Entrepreneur Maddison Gooch, 28, from Louisville, Kentucky has made $40,000 (£31,770) selling recycled clothes from charity shops.

The young woman changes $10 (£8) baggy tops and tapestry to create fashionable two pieces.

After creating these pieces, Maddison then sells them for around $100 (£79) which is dependent on the item.

Recently, Maddison shared how turned her passion for fashion into a profitable side hustle-turned-business.

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She explained: “When I was younger I was always drawing fashion sketches. I taught myself to sew at age 12.

“I’m showing people they can upcycle their clothes. At least 90 percent of my closet is second-hand. People say I get lucky at thrift stores. But if you go multiple times a week you’ll find stuff.”

At the age of only 14, Maddison sewed her first dress and became passionate about sustainable fashion after studying it at university.

After leaving university, the side hustler spent three years working at a vet’s while she found a way to break into the fashion industry.

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The young entrepreneur started selling the upcycled fashion items she made herself from charity shop clothes.

Using Instagram, Maddison was able to promote and sell her wear before her website was launched in January last year.

Originally, she started focusing on distressing jeans and shorts but now creates tops, jumpers and dressers.

As part of her side hustle, Maddison has a budget of $10 to $20 and spends roughly two to five hours on the transformation of each piece.

Maddison added: “I fell into fashion. It’s my passion. I do stuff by eyeballing it. Everything I make is one of one.

“I’m very into pop culture. Kim Kardashian and Kourtney have been wearing vintage jeans so I remade a similar pair.

“I love when I go to a bar and someone says ‘I love your jeans where did you get them?’ and I can say I made them. I can make someone out of anything.”

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