Urgent warning to EV drivers over 'hidden' issue which could land you with unlimited fine or even JAIL | The Sun

EV DRIVERS have been warned over a hidden issue that could land them with a fine or even jail time.

Electric cars are only set to become more prevalent with a ban on new petrol and diesel sales scheduled for 2030 so drivers need to be more aware than ever of potential issues.

For EV enthusiasts, the fact that they are silent is a major appeal, but not many know it could land them in trouble with the law.

It has been legally required for electric models to include a sound generator since 2021 in the UK and 2019 in the EU.

This is designed to make some form of noise, usually a low hum, as the vehicle drives along to warn other road users of its approach.

However, older cars may still be completely silent, especially at low speeds.


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This could open drivers up to claims of dangerous driving if they cause a collision, especially with a pedestrian or cyclist.

Even the lowest-level dangerous driving offences come with a £500 fine, while most are accompanied by a number of penalty points.

At the more extreme end, severe offences can see prison sentences and driving bans imposed.

Causing death by dangerous driving, the most serious offence, carries a possible life sentence, unlimited fine and minimum five-year ban,

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While it is unlikely that causing an accident in a silent EV would result in that charge, hefty penalties could still be imposed.

Fortunately, major manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota have all been producing cars fitted with sound generators for several years before the legal requirements came in.

Likewise, Jaguar has developed a system specifically designed to address the issue for visually impaired pedestrians, in collaboration with Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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