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A SURVEY has revealed the top three reasons that Brits would never buy an EV, with more than half saying they are a waste of money.

The poll, from consumer advice magazine Which?, was carried out shortly before Rishi Sunak announced a delay in the ban on new petrol and diesel car sales.

Less than half of those surveyed would consider buying an electric car in the future, while just 8% intend for one to be their next vehicle.

This is a significant decline in those figures from 64% and 11% respectively in 2021.

When asked why they were hesitant to embrace electrification, 63% cited the cost.

EVs are generally more expensive than equivalent petrol or diesel models, largely because the supply is lower and the cost of manufacturing is higher.



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The batteries that power them are built using a number of rare minerals and metals including lithium and cobalt.

These all have to be mined and shipped internationally at great expense.

Many of the subsidies designed to encourage EV ownership, such as road tax breaks and even some grant funding, have either expired or are due to do so in the coming years.

Not only that, but the UK and EU are now considering placing tariffs on imported EVs, which could raise prices by as much as 10%.

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And in July, it was revealed that EV running costs had jumped by £158 year-on-year as insurance premiums went through the roof.

The high upfront cost combines with the poor availability of public charging infrastructure, which 51% of people pointed to as another key mark against buying an EV.

Just this month, Department for Transport figures revealed that more than 12 million people in rural areas are left fighting for just 6,000 charging points.

Some areas of the UK, including parts of Somerset, Cumbria and Yorkshire, are left completely without public chargers.

More than half of local authority areas also have no roadside charging points available.

Moreover, Rocio Concha, director of policy and advocacy at Which?, suggested that a lack of awareness around EV tech could lead to reluctance to buy one.

She said: "It’s clear consumers want to play their part in helping tackle climate change, but our research has found that lack of awareness, reliable information and the cost of some green technologies is holding them back from leading more sustainable lives."

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