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A MASSIVE change has been announced for UK's traffic light using Google AI to target congestion hotspots.

The tech giant unveiled the launch of AI-powered pilot project to reduce stop-and-go traffic in Manchester.

According to Google bosses, the Project Green Light uses AI and Google Maps to improve current traffic flows.

The tool aims to serve as a tool for traffic engineers to target congestion hotspots in large cities.

Google UK Vice President Debbie Weinstein explained: "AI-powered tool uses existing infrastructure to provide city planners with a cost-effective and efficient way to improve traffic flow, reduce stop-and-go traffic, and cut emissions.

"AI is the most profound technology that we're working on today, with the potential to boost the UK's productivity and support net zero ambitions."

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Green Light can analyse thousands of intersections at the same time – and improve the flow through multiple intersections in the city.

The AI-powered feature can use existing traffic lights to provide city planners recommendations on how to improve traffic flow.

Manufacturers claim city engineers can then implement and monitor the changes and can see results within weeks. 

This new technology is the result of a huge amount of data studied by researchers – including traffic flow, average wait times and patterns of starting and stopping.

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The groundbreaking project is set to be implemented in the UK – with Manchester being the first city to try the pilot tool.

TfGM manager David Atkin said: “Greater Manchester’s road networkincludes 2,400 traffic signals and accounts for millions of journeys every week.

"It's complex and managing it is a challenge when balancing the needs of motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users."

Road transportation is responsible for a significant amount of global and urban greenhouse gas emissions.

And according to researchers, pollution can be 29 times higher at city intersections.

Mr Atkin added: "The pilot provided valuable insights and teams from both Green Light and TfGM brought expertise and ideas to the table to improve journeys by up to 18% and reduce emissions."

The tech feature has already been implemented in dozens of cities worldwide – including in Brazil and India.

Google bosses claim they have been able save fuel and lower emissions for up to 30m car rides per month. 

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Project Green Light early results showed a 30% reduction in stops and up to 10% reduction in emissions at intersections.

Mr Weinstein said: "We look forward to partnering with more organisations across the country to help drive innovative solutions that unlock the benefits of AI.”

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