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A CAR expert has revealed a surprising way to rid a vehicle of unwanted dust.

The creative hack was shared by user Chequanlaosi on TikTok, where he has more than 900,000 followers.

He said the method came in handy when a friend's car became contaminated with dust.

"This car was very dusty. I said I know the cause of the problem," Chequanlaosi said.

He went on to explain the source of the dust was typically a car's vents.

"I asked him 'have you been riding a lot on dirt roads lately?' and he said 'yes'," Chequanlaosi said.

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"When there are a lot of dirt roads we need to close the outer circuit and open the inner circuit.

"That way, the dust on the outside of the car cannot enter the car."

Although creative, Chequanlaosi's clever trick is far from the first of its kind.

Another car guru revealed their four top tips for getting you car super clean.

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One hack, recommended by TikTok user @plkagencies, was cleaning your wheels before the rest of the car because they're the dirtiest part.

Meanwhile, experts at Big Mobile Detailing have listed 13 hacks to help you with a more savvy car cleaning routine.

They include olive oil for leather upholstery, black tea for odour absorption and vinegar for the car windows.

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