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A MECHANIC with 55 years of experience has revealed why an automatic car could cost you thousands to repair.

Motors expert Scotty Kilmer says that in the long run, manual transmission cars will save you money.

The mechanic, who's been working on cars for decades, said in one of his latest videos that an automatic will eventually need its transmission replaced – which isn't cheap.

Scotty said in his latest YouTube video: "I'm going to tell you why you might want to buy a transmission manual car."

He said one of his manual cars has done a whopping 380,000 miles, and its transmission is "still all original".

The mechanic then continued: "Most automatic transmissions won't last that long, and with the complex, computer-driven modernised automatic transmissions, rebuilding and replacing them can cost $5,000-$10,000 USD."

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This converts to between £4,000 and £8,000.

He said he understood learning to drive a manual can seem difficult, but it doesn't take long to learn.

Scotty said: "Granted if you've never driven a car it's hard to learn from scratch with the standard but most people already know how to drive – you can figure this out in 20-30 minutes.

"And if you ever get stranded you can push start at standard transmission car pretty easy."

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