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THERE are two features on nearly every electrical device that can instantly boost a home's Wi-Fi network if people simply switch them off.

And it takes just seconds to do for each device, be it a smartphone, laptop, PC or gaming console.

In a report published in The Conversation last year, senior lecturer Omprakash Kaiwartya and associate professor Mufti Mahmud from Nottingham Trent University noted two little-known ways to improve Wi-Fi speed.

The two tricks aim to bring down a router's bandwidth competition.

Bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted over an internet connection within a given period.

It is shared by all internet users in a particular area.



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Of course, this can be done by quitting Zoom calls and Netflix streaming – activities that require more Wi-Fi than an evening doom-scroll on social media.

But that doesn't work for everyone, all of the time.

So, one trick folks can do instead is disable automatic updates on their devices, according to Kaiwartya and Mahmud.

"When you need a stable internet connection, disable automatic updates of the software on your computer," they wrote.

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"These updates can also occupy a considerable amount of internet speed in the background, leading to a slower internet connection."

However, it's important not to forget to update your devices when necessary, as devices with outdated software can also slow your internet down.

The second tip is to disconnect unused devices – think of the old phones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles that are heading fast into retirement.

"Disconnect from Wi-Fi any internet-connected devices in your home, such as your smart TV, if they are not in active use," the pair added.

"This will improve the internet speed for active devices such as your computer while reducing any possible interference."

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