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A FATHER and son duo have revealed how they hope to make a fortune after buying a field full of vintage cars left to rot for decades.

Silas and his dad took to their YouTube channel to show off the collection of stunning classics and explain their plans for them.

Sadly, most of the abandoned motors had been scavenged by scrappers and many were rusting away.

They included retro Mercedes, pick-up trucks and even a pair of school buses.

Some were even infested with rats or missing parts of the bodywork.

However, Silas remained optimistic that, even though it would be near impossible to get them back on the road, there was still money to be made.



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He said: "We bought them all for scrap price.

"These are pretty rough cars, they've been sitting a long time.

"But there are a few odds and end parts, this one still has an instrument cluster that will sell pretty easily."

He also planned to "cut the nose off" several of the cars to sell them as replacement front ends.

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Catalytic converters can also fetch a good price on the second-hand market.

All in all, considering the low price they paid, Silas and his dad could be looking at a tidy profit.

Social media commenters were amazed by the haul.

One wrote: "I have seen people make shelves out of the deck lids.

"Looks cool you might want to try it won’t take that much space."

Another added: "I always look forward to your videos. I liked this one, pretty cool cars."

And a third said: "That's unreal you should see the prices those old Benzs fetch here in the UK. Even the parts are worth a small fortune here."

It comes after a teen revealed how his car detailing side hustle led to him raking in £3,500 a week.

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