Moths will stay keep off your clothes thanks to chemical-free solution

The war on clothes moths is never-ending, partly because the pests know many ways to access the textiles they intend to destroy.

Many share the plight of infestations and nowhere is this more apparent than on the Facebook Group for Mrs Hinch Cleaning, where fans frequently ask for help.

Taking to the group, one user recently asked: “I found some tiny moth holes on my son’s shirt. Is there anything I can use in the chest of draws where they are kept that won’t smell (don’t like the smell of old mothballs.”

Several group members flocked to the comment section with recommendations for the same natural product; cedar.

“Cedar shavings in a small lightweight fabric bag,” recommended one user, while another echoed: “You can buy cedar balls & coat hand rings from Amazon. They have no smell but moths don’t like them.”

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Another wrote: “You can buy the small ‘cedar’ discs or whatever shape to put in the dresser drawers! Put three to four in each drawer! [It] Has always worked for me.”

The potent aromas of ingredients like cedar have long been known to drive moths away and discourage them from laying eggs around clothing items.

This has rendered the natural ingredient incredibly useful in tackling infestations as a whole, but experts at Moth Prevention warn that the repellent’s effectiveness has a time limit.

“It’s only a temporary distraction,” they explain. “You can purchase cedar hangers, cedar blocks for moths, and sachets for your clothes and bureaus, but they will be effective for about three months.”

The experts stress that this should become a deterrent however as they add: “As a natural alternative to something more toxic, like mothballs, cedar works well.

“You can even pair it with other herbs and oils to make it more effective. Keep in mind that you might prefer to use something natural and safer around pets.”

The good news is that the natural resource can be used in several forms to repel the flying pests, either as planks, or blocks, cedar chips and cedar oil.

Though mothballs were once the most popular remedy, their popularity has dwindled due to the synthetic chemicals they contain, which are deemed highly dangerous to humans.

“The [chemicals] used in mothballs cause a broad range of health complications and imbue clothing with a horrible chemical scent,” explains moth prevention.

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