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DRIVERS have been blown away by a clever two-button car key hack that takes just seconds to work.

A "car knowledge" specialist posted a clip to TikTok explaining the handy function.

It can be used on cars with an electronic key fob, which usually feature two or three buttons.

These are the lock button, the unlock button and, sometimes, a button to remotely open the boot.

To activate the special feature, simply press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously and hold them down for five seconds after initially locking the car.

This should trigger a function whereby only the driver's side door can be opened.



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The next time you press the unlock button, the three passenger doors should remain locked, while the driver's door should open normally.

This could potentially be vital in terms of safety, as it can prevent other people from getting into your car by the other doors.

The TikTok user especially recommended it for female drivers who might be travelling alone.

He said: "Female drivers must set it up."

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Social media commenters claimed that the feature was standard on their Peugeot and VW models.

However, if you are unsure if yours has it you can always check your owner's manual, ask a local dealer or just test it out yourself.

It comes after a man shared an easy two-button combo to defog your windscreen in seconds.

Meanwhile, another motorist explained how a hidden car latch has repeatedly saved them at petrol stations.

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