World-first footage shows dolphin ‘crime gang’ pulling off ‘stunning’ heist – and scientists say they did it ‘for fun’ | The Sun

IN a world-first, dolphins have been caught on camera expertly removing bait from crab traps.

The clever creatures have been filmed flipping the traps over to carefully remove fish.

Dolphins are known for being intelligent and have been observed stealing bait around the world.

What's different in this case is how they have to use mental problem solving to carefully remove the crab bait.

The motive of the bottlenose dopphins is also thought to be unique.

The creatures aren't thought to be doping this because their hungry.

Instead, experts suspect they see the crab traps as a fun game.

The so called fish thieves conduct their fun hesits in Koombana Bay off the coast of Australia.

Crabbers in the area had been battling with the dolphins for years.

The Dolphin Discovery Center in Bunbury decided to investigfate and filmed the behavior.

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It dound that the dolphins weren't in danger from the traps but were disaplying unique physical and mental problem solving skills.

The researchers posted a video on the behavior on YouTube.

A caption beneath the footage states: "This might be the craziest and most intriguing dolphin behaviour we have ever seen!

"The Koombana Bay dolphins in the City of Bunbury are the stars taking it to the next level by learning how to outsmart humans.

"It is a unique behaviour that has never been filmed before."

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