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AN ENTREPRENEUR picked up an abandoned motorhome for FREE – but there was a major catch.

Alex Archbold, who has been buying and selling antiques since he was nine years old, saved a 1972 Barth RV with 57,000 miles on the clock.

Taking to his YouTube channel, Curiosity Incorporated, the self-proclaimed explorer filmed the free motorhome arriving at his house.

Alex had only seen a picture of the vehicle from ten years ago and had no idea what condition the interior was in.

In the video, he explained: "Last week I got an email from a viewer that said they had an old RV.

"It was stored at their friends place. The friend had sold the property and the thing had to go.

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"They are three hours away from me so it wasn't something I was really looking at doing.

"But then they gave me the magic number. They said if you can pick it up, you can have it for free."

When the retro motor arrived Alex was pleasantly surprised by its overall condition.

However he did reveal an unsavoury secret hidden inside – the motorhome had been infested with mice.

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The previous owners had also removed the drive shaft and there was some minor damage inside.

Alex said: "I mean, it's in better shape than I was expecting. The cabinets aren't terrible and it was free."

The recreational vehicle of Barth utilised aluminium aircraft construction.

Barth resided in Milford, Indiana, throughout its operation that concluded after the 1998 model year.

It comes after a driver shared how their car had only broken down once despite travelling over a million miles.

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