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SMARTPHONE owners have been urged to practice three important methods to protect their data.

A new report by Malwarebytes has found that smartphone owners aren't utilizing important security settings.

This can lead to users' devices falling susceptible to malware, breached data, and hackers.

To help combat this, Malwarebytes suggested three methods smartphone owners should employ immediately.


Cyberattacks and breaches are dangerous because they can target your financial accounts and identity.

One step users take to help you stay safe is using a password manager.

Password managers work by making it simple to use a strong, unique password for all your online accounts.

Complex passwords are first generated and then stored in your device's password manager so you don't have to remember them.


Two-factor or multi-authentication protects your accounts by requiring an extra level of verification before logging in – such as an SMS confirmation.

This feature keeps apps that contain sensitive information secure, and can also help protect you from identity and phishing scams.

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Malwarebytes found that only 24% of people use MFA; the figure drops to 16% for Gen Z.

"MFA stands between your account and the abuse of your password by requiring you to enter another form of authentication—other than a password—to log in," Malwarebytes wrote in its report.


When asked about antivirus, most people will admit that it's important.

However, those same people also likely don't use it – Malwarebytes found that just 35% of people use antivirus.

Still, experts recommend that everyone enables some form of antivirus on their devices as it can prove imperative.

"Antivirus works," Malwarebytes said.

"Every year, Malwarebytes detects and removes millions of viruses, Trojans, adware infections, monitoring tools, and more from user devices around the world," the cybersecurity company added.

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